We at LCE supply and install a simple home-intercom to a sophisticated multi-point access control system. Just dial a number to open your gates. We have the perfect solution for all your needs.




• Intercom systems • Door entry systems • Access control systems • Door chime • Personal attack systems • Lone-worker alarm systems • Disability aids



Door entry systems come in a number of different forms, however the first objective of each is to identify who is at the door, enabling you to decide whether access should be granted or denied. This can be done in a number of ways :-

Intercom Systems – allowing you to speak to the caller
Code Locks – where authorised persons punch in a given code
Proximity/Swipe cards – electrically recognised tags
Video Entry phones – enhanced Intercom with picture display

Once the caller has been verified, the door can then be allowed to open by various means:

Electrical latch release
Magnetic lock release

Auto opening equipment These features are very useful in various applications, whether it’s a block of flats to save you running up and down the stairs, a domestic situation where you want to see who is at the door before having to answer it, or in a business situation where the door may be some distance away and it can be opened remotely without you having to leave your desk.





GSM is the way to go — Secure/quick no need for extra key fobs


013-300x141 We can design bespoke system to suit your needs.

We are now using GSM technology to control a number of hardware systems. An example of this:



12GSM technology offer a number GSM Gate Openers to open gates, doors, shutters and barriers by a simple phone call. Just dial a number to open your gates. When a call is received, it is dropped and the Caller ID checked against numbers programmed and if there is a match, will send a signal to open.


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Also using IP technology to call you via smart phone




Using GSM technology we can design a bespoke system for your needs.