Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all of your home’s entertainment systems were reduced to a single system that could be enjoyed in every room and which was quite literally part of the house? This, in fact, is the beauty of a multi-room system: no longer are you forced to make the choice between elegant decor and wonderful sound. Instead, you can watch and listen to your favourite films and music in ANY room, including the bathroom, while keeping the rooms looking as good as the day you decorated.

In a multi-room installation, all of the equipment is located out of sight, leaving only discreetly located speakers and a carefully positioned keypad within the chosen rooms – no wires are visible anywhere, they’re hidden in the walls! You choose what you listen to and in which room. The systems available from CSE extend the choice to six sources in as many as six rooms and offer the selection of source/artist/track/station by name. Enhanced features such as home servers allow you to store all your CDs on a single hard-drive so you can dispense with the obtrusive CD racks around the home. You can even program the systems to wake you up every morning with your choice of CD or radio station and control the room lights as well.

On the patio, enjoy a glass of wine and match the mood with your choice of music. A rejuvenating bath has the perfect musical accompaniment. Dinner guests enjoy a play-list of music that you’ve specially selected to imbue the occasion with the right atmosphere. All this and more is possible with a multi-room system. Whether you would like simply music in one other room or a completely integrated whole-house audio/video and home theatre system.

We will guide you through the various options available, and tailor each system to your precise requirements. Why limit entertainment to just one room when your home can surround you in sound?

Simple service for all

Consultation – Our initial contact will focus on your requirements both, today but also to look at the future advancements in home entertainment systems. Design – We will create a system that suits your needs and fits your budget. A comprehensive system proposal will be given all designs recommendations and costs; each solution will be created to suit your space.

Installation – Our approved installation team will fully manage your project with frequent updates


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