London City Electricians supply, install, maintain, and service intruder/burglar alarms and CCTV door entry systems covering the whole of London and the surrounding areas.

We use and supply good tried and tested brands in the intruder alarm industry.

2 What is an intruder alarm?

An intruder alarm system monitors and detects unauthorised entry to properties, homes and businesses alike and alert the property owner or authorised third parties to an intrusion. LCE have the ability to offer customers the opportunity to have a protection system installed in their properties at the same time that other electrical work is carried out.




Why bother with intruder alarms?

Although statistics show that burglary rates have been dropping, there are still a high percentage of properties that do not have adequate security measures in place. The best deterrent for burglars is an intruder alarm and it needn’t cost the earth to install an effective intruder alarm. Ultimately, an alarm system gives property owners the peace of mind they desire to protect their homes, families, businesses and assets. Only around 10% of residential properties in the UK are protected by an intruder alarm system.




We at LCE will carry out a full site survey.

• Assess all external entry points i.e. door and windows and potential weak points which could be quick access for burg
• Being qualified electricians, we can add electrical motion detector external floodlights being LED for energy saving. This really helps and automatically illuminates an area at night.
• Provide a suitable grade intruder alarm either being wireless or hard wired to match your interior.
• Use high grade components and brands to provide a professional installed service with minimum interruption to your daily work / home life.
• Have the system, if required, monitored or later monitored via GSM module i.e. using mobile phone digital technology to ring you if the intruder alarm is triggered. This avoids costly monthly contracts with call centres.